20:23 GMT12 April 2021
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    ‘Excuse Me’: Breaching Whale Comes Dangerously Close to Kayaker

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    The tipping point between kayaker and fish food.

    Not even a mile offshore from Moss Landing, California, civil engineer David Rogers probably wished for an escape bridge after finding himself unintentionally up close and personal with a feeding whale.

    On the hunt for lunch, the efficient gargantuan is seen conducting a targeted strike as it breaches. Despite the startling situation, Rogers somehow prevented his kayak from tipping over before releasing a seemingly stressed "woo."

    "I knew the whales were not out to attack or hurt me. I remained calm and tried to keep my balance as one whale pushed my kayak to almost the tipping point," said Rogers following the whale of an incident.

    Though the mammoth mammal was not intentionally attempting to harm a human during its pursuit, one shouldn't bet one's life on the compassion of a whale's stomach!

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