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    На Камчатке медведь залез на автомобиль и пытался проникнуть в салон

    Is It a Giant Tin Can? Bear Tries to Open Up Car Looking for Food

    Youtube / Новости Камчатки - Кам 24
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    Kamchatka is famous for its great population of bears; they also need a lot of food to survive there. Sometimes people feed them, however, that's not enough, so the bears are growing bolder in their eternal quest for sweets and snacks.

    This bear attempted to get inside a car, apparently in order to eat something yummy. However, the animal was too big for the task, so it just tried to rip off the door. Maybe he succeeded, but it would be obvious for the beast to stay away from humans after this little operation, as they might ask him for damage reparations. Insurance is, however, not particularly popular among these forest dwellers.


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