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    Endangered Baby Tapir Tests His Tiny Trunk

    When You Are Nosy: Baby Tapir Tests His Trunk

    © Photo: YouTube/San Diego Zoo
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    This is the first endangered Baird's tapir calf to have been born at the San Diego Zoo in Arizona in 30 years. He appeared "just in time for watermelon season!" the zoo's staff joke.

    The video posted by the San Diego Zoo shows the baby tapir actively using his tiny striped trunk to sniff around.

    "The last endangered Baird’s calf born at the Zoo arrived in 1988, so we’re thrilled with the arrival of this male," Matt Akel, animal care manager, said.

    Tapir's calfs have spots and stripes, which disappear by the time they reach eight months of age. In the wild, these markings serve to protect baby animals from predators as calfs are difficult to see in the dappled forests where these animals live.


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