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    The Japanese Robinson | 29 years alone on a desert island

    Almost 30 Years on Deserted Island: Robinson Returns to Civilization

    © Photo: YouTube/Docastaway - Desert Island Experiences
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    An 82-year-old man spent almost 30 years on a deserted island, without running water, electricity, clothes or a cellphone.

    A Japanese man, Masafumi Nagasaki, who lived alone on the island of Sotobonari for almost 29 years, was forced to return to civilization.

    Shortly before the authorities forced the man to leave the island and sent him to hospital, he told Alvaro Cerezo, the author of a documentary about the life of castaways, that he would never leave the island.

    "I don’t want to move from here, I will protect this island. I will risk my life to protect this island. I will never find a paradise like this," Nagasaki said, as quoted by the news.com.au portal, adding that he would not leave the island "even if the world changes."


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