10:05 GMT01 June 2020
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    Black Lab Rescues Drowning, Panicking Baby Bird From Lake

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    Get this good boy all the treats!

    Jax the black Lab and his owner Rick Sauer decided to take a proactive step against nature's way after seeing a baby bird fall out of its nest and into a Connecticut lake.

    With a gentle but effective bite, Jax was able to convert his muzzle into a makeshift raft for the fowl as he quickly paddled back to his owner. Ensuring Jax didn't get too excited by his successful quest, Sauer repeats "easy" to the well-trained pooch.

    While Sauer definitely could have just told local Connecticut news outlets about his hound-turned-hero, he added the confession that he was going to let Mother Nature handle the bird's fate until he saw the baby thrashing in the water for its life.

    Let's hope Jax was treated like a king following this heartwarming deed!

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