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    Disturbing Moment: Bull Tormented During Vila-Real Fest in Spain

    © Photo: TauromaquiaViolencia/twitter
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    The footage, taken during a traditional running of the bulls in Villa Real near Castellon in Spain's Valencia region, shows an animal being harassed despite its apparent inability to stand during the event.

    The "Bou al carrer" fest has resulted in the suffering of a Spanish fighting bull when it was unable to run anymore, falling on its knees with its body writhing uncontrollably. A spectator rushed forward and pulled the animal's tail in an attempt to get it on its feet and continue the run, but the bull was disoriented, presumably suffering problems with its nervous system. While hundreds of bullfights and bull-related festivals take place across Spain each summer, there are increasing calls to ban it for animal rights reasons.

    WARNING: The following video is graphic and may offend sensibilities


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