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    Mongolia: 12,000km Camel Camel Caravan to Share Mongolian Nomadic Culture With the World

    From Mongolia to Europe on Camels: 12,000 km Caravan Promotes Nomadic Culture

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    "Adventure may hurt you, but monotony will kill you" says Baigalmaa "Baikal" Norjmaa, who had enough courage to set off for the UK from Mongolia with a caravan of ten camels.

    Baigalmaa "Baikal" Norjmaa was born to a nomadic family in one of the most wild parts of Mongolia. Her project, "Steppes to the West," is aimed at promoting her native culture and traditions through the 12,000 km expedition from Mongolia's capital Ulaanbaatar to London. 

    The journey, which began in November 2017, is expected to end by 2020. Baikal keeps her followers in Instagram updated on the news from her trip and shares beautiful photos with them.

    "For five years I have dreamed of a camel journey from Mongolia to Europe and feel I can finally accomplish that dream," she wrote on the website of her project.



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