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    ‘Ready for my Close-up’: Penguins Mistake Camera for Pebble

    ‘Ready for my Close-up’: Penguins Mistake Camera for Pebble

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    Or maybe they were attempting to use the camera for their own feature film?

    Filmmaker Anthony Powell says he has finally found out "what it felt like to be a krill" after viewing the many pecking assaults his video camera endured.

    It didn't take long for a few penguins to take notice of Powell's GoPro after he set it up near a colony of the Antarctic fowl. Possibly mistaking the camera for a shiny, large pebble, numerous penguins attempted to use their beaks to make off with the device.

    Unfortunately, none of the flightless birds were able to get a good grip on the GoPro. Looks like "Happy Feet: Uncut" will have to be put on the backburner…

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