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    That's Using Your Head! Hockey Player Defends Goal With His Own Face

    © Photo: Khripun Ruslan / twitter
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    During a National Hockey League playoff match, the captain of the Columbus Blue Jackets Nick Folinho went to extremes to block a shot taken by the Washington Capitals' Yakub Erzhabek - the puck hit the hockey player right in the face. A video of the episode was published on Twitter by Eurosport journalist Ruslan Khripun.

    In the first minutes of the third period, with a score of 2:2, Foligno stopped a shot taken by a Capitals defender. After it hit him squarely in the face, he lied for some time on the ice; the referee had to stop the game. The captain of the Columbus Blue Jackets managed to leave the ice on his own.

    The game ended with a Columbus victory 4:3 in overtime. The decisive goal was scored by Russian striker Artemy Panarin.

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