10:52 GMT +321 February 2019
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    Upside-Down House

    Biggest Upside-Down House Opens in Russia

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    An unusual museum has opened in the Russian city of Ufa - an upside-down house. The building stands out against the environment, as it is literally placed on its roof.

    A car floating in the air is even parked nearby. Inside the house, everything is like it would be in a normal house but upside down. On the floor of the house, which is actually a ceiling for those visiting the attraction, there are all kind of pieces of furniture, whereas below — that is, on the ceiling — there is only a chandelier.

    The house has several rooms: there is a living room, a kitchen, an entrance hall, a nursery, a study and a bathroom. Measuring about 300 square meters, the creators say it is the biggest upside-down house built. The inverted refrigerator is full of products, which are also upside down.

    All the details, according to the creators, are attached to their places by modern fastening devices, their reliability has been checked using the weight of an adult man — in case the visitors still want to test them.


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