21:47 GMT +321 October 2018
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    Instant Karma: Driver ‘Flips’ Out Over California Road Rage Incident

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    Fed up with traffic, a driver in Oceanside, California, let impatience get the best of him as he began swerving in an attempt to cut off the convertible.

    Equally enraged, the convertible's owner slammed to a halt and confronted the impatient motorists behind him. While it's unknown what words were exchanged, the situation clearly reached a boiling point once a loogie was hocked into the SUV driver's face.

    While the convertible owner walked back to his car, the moist SUV driver attempted to get the last laugh by ramming into his adversary's car. Unfortunately, an overcorrection on the wheel caused the SUV to drive up the convertible and ultimately flip on its side like a Hot Wheels car.

    Waiting in traffic probably doesn't seem too bad now!

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