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    Uma Thurman's Car Crash

    Uma Thurman's Car Accident: Actress Manages to Get Video Amid Weinstein Scandal

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    Uma Thurman finally managed to get a video showing her car accident during "Kill Bill" a film shoot, a video which she had been fighting 15 years for.

    Miramax had been resisting Thurman's calls to provide a video recording of the accident for many years. The star actress received the video only amid a sex scandal with producer Harvey Weinstein, the founder of the production company.

    During the shooting of "Kill Bill," Uma Thurman got into an accident on an open-topped car. 

    According to Thurman, she had been insisting she wouldn't drive the car: the actress feared that it was defective, and demanded the scene to be shot with a stuntman.

    Nonetheless, the film's director Quentin Tarantino assured her that the cabriolet was operating perfectly well and the road would be safe.

    However, the vehicle turned out to be "a real coffin on wheels", as Thurman described it. As a result, the actress crashed into a tree. The record shows how, after the accident, Tarantino approaches her, checking her condition. The actress was hospitalized with numerous bruises.

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