18:23 GMT +323 January 2020
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    Watch kind-hearted people come to rescue of young pachyderms who got themselves stuck and couldn’t get out without a helping hand.

    One baby elephant fell into a muddy pit, where it had been stuck upside down for most of the day. In the footage, shot by a tourist on January 13 in Addo Elephant Park in South Africa, the little one can be seen struggling to get out while the older elephants unsuccessfully tried to help him.

    "The elephants were becoming increasingly stressed and their cries for help had brought in a large herd," wrote the witness who filmed the video. Luckily, the park rangers soon arrived and freed the stricken baby that was then reunited with his herd.

    On the same day, another tiny pachyderm got in trouble — a one-month-old baby elephant got trapped in a ditch in Jinghong, China's Yunnan Province, after it rolled down a 60-meter-tall steep hill. Locals came to his rescue and took him to the nearby Mengyang Nature Reserve for treatment. The exhausted animal could begin eating again the next day. The elephant was taken to the Asian Elephant Breeding Center, where he hopefully will get well very soon.

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