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    Fire Breathing Alpacas

    Inf-llama-ble! Mythical 'Fire-Breathing' Alpaca Caught on Camera

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    Aron Shultz, the owner of Rusty Stars Alpaca Farm in Winterset, Iowa, US, captured the incredible sight of one of his animals exhaling what appears to be fire flames.

    This mesmerizing footage of the alpaca named Cinnamon "breathing fire" has quickly spread across the internet, causing hundreds of netizens scratch their heads. While some people suspected the video might be faked, Mr. Shultz claims it hasn't been edited at all.

    Many internet users admitted it took them some time to figure out this optical illusion. "So alpaca is direct descendant of a fire breathing dragon," one of the users suggested. "Dracarys! Or.. Alpacarys?" another person joked, referring to the Game of Thrones mythical creatures.

    However, according to Shultz, the illusion was actually caused by the cold Iowa air — it was about —7 degrees Celsius when the epic scene was filmed. Alpaca's steaming breath illuminated by the early morning sunrays made it look like the animal was shooting out flames of fire.


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