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    This is one of the most heart stopping BMX fails ever He's a lucky boy!

    Watch One of the Luckiest Cyclists Ever

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    Anthony Napolitan, a professional 31-year-old BMX racer was nearly impaled by a metal fence while performing a trick. The video shows the death-defying moment, which he published on his Instagram.

    The athlete tried to fly on a bicycle above the fence, making a 360-degree turn through a head. However, the trick did not work out:  Napolitan "landed" directly on the fence. However, he managed to avoid injuries. On the shots you can see how the rider threw off the bike and calmly came down to the ground.

    "I really don't know how to describe this except for the fact that I'm really lucky. I've been going in on my @colonybmxbrand edit with @nathantsykes behind the camera and this madness happened. I can't wait for you guys to see the edit within the next month!" the fortunate soul wrote in his Instagram.

    The footage went viral and gained over 260,000 views and about three thousand comments. Many users called the athlete "the luckiest cyclist" and expressed the hope that in the future he will not be abandoned by luck.

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