11:11 GMT +320 September 2019
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    The Don River

    Arial Footage of Russia's Don River

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    This amazing video gives you a birds-eye panorama of one of the oldest Russian rivers, glorified by the ancient Greeks and the area believed to be the residence of Amazons.

    The famous Russian writer Mikhail Sholokhov described the picturesque Don River and the lives of the Cossacks inhabiting the river-valley in his internationally-acclaimed book "And Quiet Flows the Don," for which he received the 1965 Nobel prize in Literature.

    This place is of great historical significance due to the nearby Kulikovo field. The Battle of Kulikovo became the turning point in Russia's war against Mongol domination over the country, which led to Muscovite independence and the formation of the modern Russian state.

    Don river, Russia
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