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    Polar Bear Lives at the St. Petersburg Zoo

    Meet Haarchaana, The Siberian Polar Bear That Found a New Home at Leningrad Zoo

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    This chubby one-year-old female bear, called Haarchaana (which means "Snowflake" in Yakut), was born at the Orto-Doydu menagerie in Yakutsk. On December 6, the Leningrad Zoo in St. Petersburg has officially become her new home, though the teddy moved in a week earlier.

    The polar bear was given to the Leningrad Zoo as a gesture of friendship between the two cities. Haarchaana, the first baby of female bear Kolymana and Petersburg-born male bear Lomonosov, has joined her 30 year-old granny Uslada (which means "sweet delight" in old Russian).

    By the age of five, Haarchaana will be old enough to have offspring of her own and will continue the outstanding dynasty of polar bears at the Leningrad Zoo.

    The polar bear is the symbol of the Leningrad Zoo, which is home to about 3,000 animals of nearly 600 species.


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