15:20 GMT +318 December 2018
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    Cartel the Otter Plays in Curtains

    Cute Otter Cannot Resist Playing With Curtains

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    A cute otter raised by humans rather than its own parents is capturing the hearts of internet users by storm, gaining thousands of followers on social media.

    Cartel the Otter is the unusual pet of an English-speaking couple that post videos and pictures of their furry pal on Facebook and Instagram. The owners of Cartel said that they found the baby otter via the internet after it was saved by an unknown man in the wild months ago. Since then, Cartel has appeared in dozens of videos, where it eats, drinks, plays and cuddles.

    The story has been picked up by several German-speaking media outlets, who have also told the story of Cartel.

    Despite facing criticism for the improper handling of the wild animal online, the owners say that they "are trying hard to make sure he gets to live a quality life."




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