18:41 GMT +321 October 2019
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    Russia Unveils Its Modernized Tu-160 Bomber

    Better Than the Best: WATCH Russia Present Its New Strategic Bomber

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    Russia has rolled out its latest, cutting-edge Tu-160M2 strategic missile carrier.

    The Tu-160M2 is an upgraded version of its famed, unparalleled variable-sweep wing predecessor Tu-160, aka the White Swan. In comparison with the latter, the former has 60 percent new avionics and other equipment.

    "While ostensibly an improved variant of the Soviet-era Tu-160, the Tu-160M2 is a new bomber in all but name, according to the Russian Aerospace Force," a defense source said during the presentation.

    The Tu-160 is a supersonic heavy strategic bomber and missile carrier able to strike targets around the globe with nuclear and conventional weapons.

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