19:31 GMT28 February 2020
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    'Thar She Blows': Flatulent Weatherman Lets One Rip on Live TV

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    A local TV weather reporter became a viral sensation after he seemingly tooted during a live broadcast.

    In this Snapchat footage, Chris Dunn from Alabama-based WPMI is seen halfway through his report when he pauses for a moment, takes a step backwards, bends to produce a noise, sounding very much like a ‘one-gun salute' and then casually continues the rest of his weather forecast.

    The video split viewers on their opinion of whether the weatherman really did it or if it was faked. Some Internet users were convinced "that was a forced out fart," while others argued that Chris Dunn bent over just to make Destin visible on the map, and the noise "was supplied by someone else."


    Irish TV Weatherman Goes Mary Poppins-Style
    Zapped! Chinese Weather Reporter Gets Hit by Lightning on Air
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