03:55 GMT +322 October 2018
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    Photo Shoot Time! Russian Tigers Pose in Front of a Camera Trap

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    This footage released by the Land of the Leopard, a 262,000-hectare national park in Primorsky Krai, Russia, shows a happy family of Amur tigers enjoying their time together. Mama-tigress stretched herself on the grass – she was going to relax in the shadows of the trees, but in a couple of moments her two playful kittens ruined her plans.

    The little rascals started messing around in front of a trail camera, continually bumping into their mom. Losing patience, she growled at them, but the kittens only became more playful. In the end, the tigress calmed the kids down with soft slaps in their faces. In the end, one of the cubs approached the camera and turned it off, as if he were saying that the reality show was over.


    Cuteness Cubed: Rare Amur Leopard Cub and Two Tiger Cubs in Crimean Safari Park
    Tiger Snuggles up to Pregnant Woman Through the Glass of Zoo Enclosure
    Rawr! Crimean Safari Park Welcomes Newborn Amur Tiger Triplets
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