17:00 GMT +323 June 2017

    Siberian Cyborg: Man Implants a Chip in His Chest, Becomes a Living Compass

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    Daniil Lytkin, a 26-year-old programmer from Novosibirsk, has become one of the first humans to sense where north is, thanks to a chip he wears on his chest. The device vibrates when Daniil faces magnetic north.

    The product created by British company Cyborg Nest is called North Sense and allows a person to sense the electromagnetic field of the planet. According to the manufacturer, it was "intelligently designed for evolution." The compass is "an exo-sense, which means it sits outside the body but is permanently attached," and it can be removed and recharged anytime.

    According to the programmer, it's cool to obtain an ability that other people do not have naturally. He thinks he will get used to the vibration so that facing magnetic north will become his new power.


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