04:56 GMT20 January 2021
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    This is Russia’s New All-Terrain Special Forces Assault Vehicle

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    Automotive Consortium Intrall led by Russian businessman Anatoly Leyrih introduced a new lightweight assault vehicle - the ‘Eskadron’ (Squadron) armored buggy. Watch this outstanding car in action.

    The highly maneuverable buggy was designed to rapidly deploy tactical groups. The car can easily maneuver even difficult terrain; off road, it can reach speeds of up to 130 km/h. The three-ton ‘Eskadron' can seat four passengers and carry up to 1,500 kilos of payload. Depending on the different tasks Special Forces have to complete, the open part of the buggy can transform in a closed capsule.

    One of the car's main advantages is its novel low-temperature power hybrid setup, which allows the vehicle to move stealthy in any extreme condition. Like other vehicles of the Airborne Forces, the ‘Eskadron' can be airdropped with a parachute. The assault vehicle will be equipped with a set of modern light weapons and missile launchers. 


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