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    Gang of Baby Animals Looks Suspiciously Like Cast of a Disney Fairy Tale

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    An adorable array comprised of a shy fawn, two baby skunks, two young raccoons and four kittens, captured in this video, has won hearts all over the world. The 35-seconds of footage published on June 12 by the Hochatown Petting Zoo has gone viral, with tens of millions of views.

    Along with being a petting zoo, the Oklahoma-based facility also does licensed wildlife rehabilitation through the state. All the wild little ones seen in the video were either orphaned or injured, so they were fostered by the zoo. According to the Hochatown Petting Zoo, they will be released once they've reached the appropriate age and possess the skills needed to return to the wild.

    "The baby animals in that video are not kept together all the time, we thought it would be a cute shot to show everyone of all our little ones together while we cleaned out their beds and prepped their bottles for feeding time," the zoo staff wrote in a comment under the video.


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