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    Timeless Classics of Russian Car Industry: Lada Niva Celebrates 40th Anniversary

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    On April 5, 1977, the very first VAZ-2121 Niva rolled off the conveyor belt. Since 2005, this off-road vehicle has changed its name to the Lada 4x4. This model, designed and produced by the Russian (former Soviet) manufacturer AvtoVAZ, is still considered one of the Russian automotive industry’s greatest cars.

    For 40 years, about 2.5 million Niva and Lada 4x4 cars were produced, and over 530,000 of those were exported to more than 100 countries around the globe. It was also marketed as the Lada Sport in Iceland, Lada Taiga in Austria, Bognor Diva in Uruguay and the Lada Cossack in the UK.


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