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    Scientists Capture World's Deadliest Scorpion in Action

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    Portuguese scientists captured on film for the first time the attack of the death stalker, the most poisonous yellow scorpion in the world.

    The research group decided to compare the tail strikes of various scorpions and find out how strikes differ between species. To capture the lightning-fast strikes, biologists built a small platform with mirrors adjusted on all four sides. Using a high-speed camera, they filmed scorpions from above at a rate of 500 frames per second, and then created 3D-models on a computer.

    As a result, scientists revealed that different strike performances depend on the tail shape. The yellow scorpion snaps its stinger over its head like a whip, and his lunge towards the victim is the fastest of all. It does not make unnecessary turns and moves straight to its target. According to scientists, the world's largest emperor scorpion operates in the same way. Other species, such as the black spitting scorpion, which can inject venom from a distance, make a circular movement with their tails before attacking, as if they were drawing the letter "o" in the air with their tails.


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