05:39 GMT06 June 2020
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    Welcome to Japan's Annual Penis Fest Where Everything is Phallic-Shaped

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    Shinto Kanamara Matsuri, aka the Festival of the Steel Phallus has begun in Kawasaki, Japan. Manhood, as the central theme of the event, is reflected in illustrations, candy, carved vegetables and decorations.

    The festival is believed to have roots in the 16th-17th centuries. Originally it was a sort of sex workers' celebration: they prayed for protection from sexually transmitted diseases and business prosperity. Nowadays it has become a tourist attraction that raises awareness about safe sex practices and fundraises for HIV research. The main festivities fall on the first Sunday in April; in 2017 the festival kicked off April 2.


    Sweden Employs 'Penis-Meters' to Raise Sexual Awareness
    The Rise of 'Smart' Sex Toys Creates Web of Legal, Criminal and Ethical Issues
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