11:26 GMT13 April 2021
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    F-35 Fail: $400k Helmets Leave Pilots 'Decapitated' During Sharp Take Off

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    The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II, the most expensive weapons program in US military history, has another problem. Its super-sophisticated $400,000 helmets make the stealth fighter's pilots lose their heads… literally.

    In this video, carrier-based F-35Cs take off one by one from the aircraft carrier during training. The pilots can be seen banging their heads against the top of the cockpit with their helmets, while some of their visors actually pop off. Despite the fact that the 4.5-pound (2 kg.) helmet might cause neck damage, the visor that jumps off "blinds" the pilots, as it is aimed to display information that is critical to the flight. Without it, the pilot is unable to assess the situation in the sky.

    Previously the 5th Generation fighter was reported to have other technical issues, such as engine mishaps and faulty cooling wires. The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program was also criticized due to its enormous price tag: in total, it costs about $1.5 trillion.


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