08:20 GMT +326 March 2017

    YouTuber Wastes Over Nine Hours of His Life on the Dumbest Challenge Ever

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    This guy spent more than nine hours scrolling to the very bottom of an Excel spreadsheet.

    Have you ever wondered how many rows there are in a Microsoft Excel table and how much time would it take to get to its very bottom scrolling down manually? Good for you if you never have. But YouTube blogger Hunter Hobbs decided to take it upon himself to find out. It took him 9 hours and 36 minutes holding his finger on the 'Down' button to reach the bottom of the 1,048,576 rows in Excel. Of course, you can hit 'Ctrl-Down' and get there automatically.


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      He got 363,353 hits on the vid. Maybe not so dumb.
    • Jet fuel can't melt steel beams
      Be glad there was not power-cut after 8h hours ! :)
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      jas, ole Hunter would probably be up to driving railroad spikes with his forehead for 360,000 YouTube hits too.

      During 9 hours at $15.00 an hour he could have earned $135.00.

      Or at ten bucks a railroad spike times 4 an hour times 9 hours, he could have earned $360.00.
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      Maybe try Libre Office and see if it is the same. :)
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