14:06 GMT23 September 2020
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    Mesmerizing Time-Lapse of Bridge to Crimea Construction

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    The road-rail Kerch Strait bridge is considered to be the biggest and most ambitious infrastructure project undertaken by Russia in the last decade.

    The project is designed to provide a land route between mainland Russia and the Crimean Peninsula.

    "We will put the necessary focus on the most important federal highways and construction of the objects of national importance, the bridge to Crimea. Its construction is on schedule," Putin said during his annual address to the Russian parliament on December 22.


    Spectacular Drone Footage of Bridge to Crimea
    Bridge to Crimea: Building the Future Block by Block
    Connecting the Shores: What a Bridge to Crimea Will Look Like (VIDEO)
    bridge to Crimea, time-lapse, video, Federal assembly, Russian parliament, Vladimir Putin, Kerch Strait, Crimea, Russia
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