05:40 GMT06 June 2020
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    Flying Fists: Harry Potter Actor Changes Wand for MMA Cage

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    When a wand is not enough, fists can do: Harry Potter actor Josh Herdman who played Gregory Goyle, one of Draco Malfoy's "bodyguards," debuted in mixed martial arts.

    In contrast with his plumpy and clumsy character, the 28-year-old Herdman proved to be a strong, robust and quite skillful fighter. In his first bout he defeated Pole Janusz Walachowski.

    Herdman revealed he had practiced Jiu jitsu, a traditional Japanese martial art, for five years. He said he equally loved both acting and fighting.

    Josh Herdman (right) as Gregory Goyle in a Harry Potter movie
    © Photo : Warner Bros.
    Josh Herdman (right) as Gregory Goyle in a Harry Potter movie


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