01:30 GMT14 May 2021
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    Bull's Eye! Russian Iskander-M Missile Put to Test During Drills

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    The Russian Armed Forces carried out a combat launch of a cruise missile from the operational and tactical Iskander-M missile system.

    The missile, manufactured using technologies to reduce radar visibility, was not detected by the simulated enemy's electronic warfare equipment and successfully hit its enemy target at distance of 200 km.

    The altitude of the main part of the flight was around 40-50 kilometers.

    The Iskander-M is a mobile ballistic missile system designed to destroy a wide variety of ground targets. The missiles are virtually impossible to intercept due to their unpredictable trajectory, and they are capable of delivering several types of 500kg warheads (cluster munition, penetration, fuel-air explosive and high-explosive fragmentation), as well as tactical nuclear ordnance, at a distance of up to 500 kilometers.


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    Iskander-M Missile Fired During Drills in Southern Russia
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