08:25 GMT20 June 2021
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    Going Hi-Tech: Emotional Pepper Robots Kick Start Phone Business in Japan

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    Robots are taking over our lives... No, Terminator-like tech-noir scenarios are not the case this time. Japanese Pepper robots have started running an e-store helping guests to make the right choice.

    The four-foot-tall humanoid robots, manufactured by the Softbank Group Corporation, welcome customers and try to guess their needs by analyzing the guests' behavior. The robot is capable of speaking foreign languages and uses the Microsoft Azure OS.

    Pepper was designed to live with humans as a companion, and it is able to communicate with people.

    Pepper's major distinctive feature is its ability to understand human emotions: the robot analyzes a person's body language, words and facial expression, using the knowledge of such feelings as surprise, anger, sadness, joy etc.

    And it can express its "feelings" through body language and voice, too!

    Humanoid robot Pepper
    © AP Photo / Koji Sasahara
    Humanoid robot Pepper


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