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    Meanwhile in Ukraine: Police Bust Chewbacca

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    You can be a Star Wars superhero and defeat evil armies, but for God’s sake, don’t mess with Ukrainian police.

    Odessa mayor candidate Darth Vader (no, it’s not a joke) was barred from casting his vote in the local elections on October 25.

    But the worst was yet to come for the Internet Party: his companion Chewbacca ran into cops who apparently were not big fans of the saga. So those “Imperial stormtroopers” nabbed Chewbacca and detained him in the police station.

    Seriously! The Ukrainian Internet Party is a recognized political movement that participates in elections. One of its leaders Darth Vader even ran for presidency. The party built its PR-campaign on the Star Wars culture.

    Darth Vader declares war on drug trafficking

    Darth Vader promises to save Ukrainian lard

    Darth Vader invades the Justice Ministry

    Darth Vader puts off his mask!

    A road sign attacks Darth Vader!


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