21:26 GMT26 July 2021
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    Cop Helps Man Struggling With His Tie

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    In a refreshing act of kindness, an off-duty police officer helps a senior citizen suffering from Parkinson's disease with his tie.

    The video, taken by Amanda Pierner-Lytge, shows Don Abrams about to walk into a Wisconsin synagogue. Don Abrams had been suffering from Parkinsons' disease for eight years, and was struggling with his tie when he spotted off-duty police officer Jason Birschbach standing outside the door and asked for his help.

    "He had the tie over his shoulders and it was just hanging down loose," Birschbach told WISN 12 News. "I told him sure, I could help him out with that."

    To Birschbach's surprise, his simple act of kindness has gone viral after Pierner-Lytge uploaded the film on LiveLeaks. Though he doesn't believe his act deserves much attention, he said he was glad that the video offers a positive view of police.

    "I think people relate to it because they're happy to see things in the media that are positive towards police." 

    Synagogue, Parkinson's, Jason Birschbach, Don Abrams, Amanda Pierner-Lytge, Wisconsin
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