17:27 GMT +319 October 2019
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    Gamer Suffers Embarrassing Loss After Celebrating Victory

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    Things get really intense at the EVO 2015 gaming tournament, and one professional gamer learns a valuable lesson.

    Japanese gamer Woshige goes through a rollercoaster or emotions as he competes against Ogawa in the tournament's semifinals. The two are pitted against each other in a best-of-three match and Woshige is dangerously close to losing when he makes a miraculous comeback that evidently boosts his ego a little too much. 

    Thinking he'd won, Woshige jumps out of his seat and throws his arms up in the air victoriously, only to realize a little too late that the game wasn't quite over yet. Naturally, his opponent takes advantage of this and beats him just as Woshige is in the middle of his premature victory celebration.

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