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    Fists Fly as NYPD Cop Arrests Man for no Apparent Reason [STRONG LANGUAGE]

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    A man is arrested and beaten by NYPD police officers for no apparent reason.

    Saykour George and his friend Jun Iceaa were reportedly leaving a pizza place in Harlem, New York when they were stopped by a plainclothes police officer. The officer asks George for his ID without informing him why he was stopped, and Iceaa immediately takes his phone out to film the exchange. 

    An argument ensues between the police officer and the two men, as they begin to question the motive behind the ID request. The officer cites a small pocket knife he saw on George as grounds for stopping them. He then attempts to arrest George, who refuses, saying "You're not arresting me doing nothing, no," and begins to walk away.

    The fight breaks out after the officer pushes George, and more police arrive to the scene to pin the man down and handcuff him, right in front of the camera.

    "The officer did not say, 'you are under arrest." Iceaa later told NBC News. "You have to defend yourself if you know you're not under arrest." 

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