12:02 GMT25 February 2021
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    Watch the Road (Not Yourself)!

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    A car singalong turns dangerous when three passengers and a driver get too distracted by their own performance.

    Seeing a selfie-stick with a lone tourist or maybe a couple may not be all that odd, but when it's being used by four people in a car, it becomes a little… well, dangerous. 

    But, these four seem to think their talent is too good to go unfilmed, even if it has to be while one of them's driving a car. So, naturally, they decide to use the trusty selfie-stick to watch themselves perform an overly dramatic, albeit hilarious, singalong. That is until the driver gets too caught up with own her performance and ends up steering off road, sending the selfie-stick flying across the car. The four can be heard after the accident reassuring each other that they are all alright.

    "That was ****ing scary!" One of them exclaims at the end.

    Perhaps, but maybe they'll think twice before using that selfie-stick while driving again.

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