13:05 GMT +321 February 2019
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    Say Cheese: For $2 Bucks This Octopus Will Take Your Picture

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    Octopuses are frighteningly smart. A study from 2009 found that they were one of the few creatures on Earth capable of using tools, and were observed constructing shelter out of coconut shells. But they apparently have a creative eye, as well, snapping photos of visitors to the Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium in Australia.

    Known as Rambo the Octographer, the octopus slips a tentacle against a bright red shutter button to take a picture. Amazingly, trainers only needed three attempts – yes, three! – before Rambo had mastered it.

    Visitors can pay just $2 to have their photographs taken by the Octographer.

    Wonder why he’s called Rambo? Because he occasionally gets in fits of rage, ripping the camera apart. Sounds like a promising start for a new Spider-Man villain.


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