• US Street Racers Flee Scene After Beating, Robbing Elderly Man
    Last update: 01:35 11.07.2019
    01:35 11.07.2019

    US Street Racers Flee Scene After Beating, Robbing Elderly Man (Graphic Video)

    A group of California street racers’ drifting display quickly became the scene of a near-fatal assault against a 64-year-old bystander after he attempted to get a group of spectators off the roof of his mobile home.

  • Alaskan Moose Keeps Cool Amid Record 90-Degree Heatwave
    Last update: 01:00 11.07.2019
    01:00 11.07.2019

    Alaskan Moose Keeps Cool Amid Record 90-Degree Heatwave

    This moose is minding its business and getting a much-needed soak!

  • Man hiding behind a tree
    Last update: 23:43 10.07.2019
    23:43 10.07.2019

    ‘Right to Remain Silent’: Suspect’s Thunderous Flatulence Gives Away Hiding Spot (Photo, Video)

    This past weekend, a Missouri police pursuit of a felony suspect came to a somewhat unexpected end after the wanted man’s cover was blown by his own rear-end misfire.

  • This image provided by the U.S. Navy shows the heavy lift vessel MV Blue Marlin entering Pearl Harbor, Hawaii with the Sea Based X-Band Radar (SBX) aboard Jan. 9 2006
    Last update: 23:27 10.07.2019
    23:27 10.07.2019

    $2 Billion US Floating Radar Platform Gets Upgrades as Pentagon Struggles to Find Uses

    The Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX), a $2 billion floating radar platform used to track ballistic missiles, has returned to Hawaii for upgrades. However, the US Missile Defense Agency is struggling to find uses for the array as better land-based radars are built.

  • Commuters Scramble on Georgia Interstate After Armored Car Loses Nearly $200K
    Last update: 22:40 10.07.2019
    22:40 10.07.2019

    Commuters Scramble on Georgia Interstate After Armored Car Loses Nearly $200K (Photos, Videos)

    Atlanta, Georgia, generally ranks within the top five cities in terms of terrible, headache-inducing traffic, but some who chose to travel on Interstate 285 on Tuesday evening received an unexpected payout to the tune of some $175,000.

  • An alligator floats atop the water of 40-acre lake at Brazos Bend State Park in Needville, Texas
    Last update: 22:15 10.07.2019
    22:15 10.07.2019

    Chicago Police Search For 5-Foot Gator Hiding in Popular Park Lagoon (Photos)

    Herpetophobia sufferers, beware. Officials in Chicago revealed this week that there is a four- to five-foot long alligator lurking about in a lagoon located in Humboldt Park, a popular green area in the city’s West Side.

  • Rain obscures the bridge across the Mississippi River into New Orleans on Wednesday, July 10, 2019.
    Last update: 21:56 10.07.2019
    21:56 10.07.2019

    US Gulf Coast Braces for Extreme Flooding, Heavy Winds From Tropical Storm (Photos, Videos)

    A tropical storm system is moving across the Gulf of Mexico, and it could become a hurricane by the time of its expected landfall this weekend. A state of emergency was declared on Wednesday by Louisiana's Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards ahead of the potential rainfall.

  • Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke waves at a detention facility for incarcerated youths near Miami in Homestead, Florida
    Last update: 21:29 10.07.2019
    21:29 10.07.2019

    Presidential Hopeful O'Rourke Claims US Was 'Founded on White Supremacy', Leaves Twitter Shocked

    The former Dem congressman from Texas has made immigrant rights and "racial justice" one of the central points of his campaign to win the Democratic primaries ahead of the 2020 presidential election. However, he has so far failed to attract broad support, with the latest polls putting him at 3-4%.

  • Flood in New Orleans
    Last update: 20:32 10.07.2019
    20:32 10.07.2019

    Flash Flood Emergency Declared As Massive Torrents of Water, Tornado Rock New Orleans (Video)

    The flooding hit the area as a tropical system in the Gulf of Mexico is forming into a hurricane nicknamed “Barry”.

  • Rep.-elect Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., joins House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi of California and newly-elected members at a news conference to discuss their priorities when they assume the majority in the 116th Congress in January, at the Capitol in Washington, Friday, Nov. 30, 2018
    Last update: 20:22 10.07.2019
    20:22 10.07.2019

    Backlash as llhan Omar Calls Fox News Host ‘Racist Fool’ Over ‘Dangerous US Migrant’ Rant

    The widely debated verbal exchange continued in the comment section below Ilhan Omar’s Twitter post, with some praising her straightforward response, while many expressed distrust, arguing that slurring one’s country has nothing to do with race - let alone patriotism.

  • Britain's Conservative party leadership candidate Boris Johnson gestures during the first party hustings at the ICC in Birmingham, England, Saturday June 22, 2019
    Last update: 17:27 10.07.2019
    17:27 10.07.2019

    Boris Johnson Threw UK Envoy to US 'Under Bus to Serve Personal Interests' – Jn. Minister

    British envoy to the US Kim Darroch has resigned following a leak of the embassy’s memos in which he branded the current US president as "inept and "incompetent”, predicting the latter will end up in "disgrace”. Donald Trump did not only call him “a very stupid guy” but also promised that Washington will not deal with him.

  • Last update: 17:19 10.07.2019
    17:19 10.07.2019

    Trump: Anti-Iran Sanctions ‘Will Soon Be Increased, Substantially’

    Washington previously increased sanctions due to the downing of one of its drones over the Strait of Hormuz by Iranian air defences after the UAV reportedly violated Iran's border. The US then slapped sanctions on Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and those closest to him in order to cut their access to "key financial resources and support".

  • PewDiePie
    Last update: 17:04 10.07.2019
    17:04 10.07.2019

    PewDiePie Accused of 'Cruelty' Towards Migrants Over His ‘Papers, Please’ Game Vlog

    The YouTube king has taken up the role of a border agent in a popular video game by suggesting that players should decide whom they want to let into a country or deny entry. The way he treated his task and prospective immigrants puzzled some netizens, prompting criticism from an author at Slate.

  • Last update: 16:59 10.07.2019
    16:59 10.07.2019

    US Offers Iran Full Normalisation of Relations, Demands Reversal of Nuclear Steps - Wolcott

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The United States offered Iran the full normalization of relations in exchange for Tehran's commitment to reverse its recent nuclear steps and cease any plans for further uranium enrichment, US Representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Ambassador Jackie Wolcott said in a press release on Wednesday.

  • United States' Megan Rapinoe, 2nd right, celebrates with teammates after scoring her side's opening goal during the Women's World Cup final soccer match between US and The Netherlands at the Stade de Lyon in Decines
    Last update: 16:30 10.07.2019
    16:30 10.07.2019

    US Women's Football Team Holds Parade in New York to Celebrate World Cup Victory (Video)

    The American team beat the Netherlands 2-0 in the World Cup finals on Sunday, becoming champions for the fourth time in tournament history.

  • Donald Trump plays a stroke as he officially opens his new multi-million pound Trump International Golf Links course in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, on July 10, 2012
    Last update: 16:17 10.07.2019
    16:17 10.07.2019

    Trump Resort to Host Strip Club Golf Event Offering ‘Caddy Girl of Choice in Sexy Polo’ - Reports

    A South Florida resort, The Trump Doral, which is controlled by the president’s sons through the family fund, regularly serves as a venue for private sporting events, with the upcoming one, according to the Trump Organisation, expected to raise funds for a Miami children’s charity.

  • Actor Rip Torn arrives to attend a Creative Coalition Awards Gala held to honor individuals for their commitment to champion social welfare issues in New York December 18, 2006
    Last update: 14:00 10.07.2019
    14:00 10.07.2019

    RIP, Rip Torn, ‘Wonderful Madman’: Public Pays Tribute to Men In Black & Larry Sanders Star

    Elmore Rual Torn, commonly known as Rip Torn, is best known for his roles in Men in Black and The Larry Sanders Show, where he played the famously moody producer Artie.

  • British Ambassador Kim Darroch hosts a National Economists Club event at the British Embassy in Washington. Leaked diplomatic cables published Sunday, July 7,2 019
    Last update: 14:00 10.07.2019
    14:00 10.07.2019

    UK Ambassador to US Resigns Over Leaked Cables Revealing He Called Trump 'Incompetent'

    American President Donald Trump earlier slammed the UK ambassador to the US as a "very stupid guy" following the leak of British Embassy cables, which revealed that the envoy had called Trump "inept and "incompetent".

  • Roman Khrennikov
    Last update: 13:42 10.07.2019
    13:42 10.07.2019

    Russian CrossFit Champ Denied US Visa Second Time in a Row Ahead of Tournament

    Russian athlete Roman Khrennikov was barred from the Reebok CrossFit Games held in the US last year after the country’s authorities denied him entry. The story has now recently repeated itself after he qualified for the prestigious tournament in Madison, Wisconsin but was turned away by the US authorities.

  • A picture taken on July 11, 2015 in Athens shows euro coins and banknotes with the map of Europe
    Last update: 12:22 10.07.2019
    12:22 10.07.2019

    US Trade Policy and Brexit Pose Major Risks for European Economy - EU Commission

    The statement by the European Commission comes as Washington is engaged in trade rows with not only the bloc, but with China, India, and other countries as well.