20:43 GMT30 July 2021
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    As Americans celebrated Independence Day, the Texas senator snatched a chance to congratulate his compatriots on Twitter with a series of movie references and a remark that left some social media users scratching their heads.

    Texas Senator Ted Cruz has congratulated "American patriots" on Independence Day and applauded their ability to stand up to anyone - even to space aliens.

    In a tweet late Sunday, the politician shared an iconic scene from the 1996 action movie Independence Day - a speech by President Thomas J. Whitmore, played by Bill Pullman.

    "On this Fourth of July, we reflect on the incredible spirit of American patriots. Whether it's standing up to Red Coats or Nazis—or even space aliens —Americans never surrender, never stop fighting for freedom. Happy Independence Day!" Cruz wrote.

    ​While some of the senator's subscribers welcomed the post, some were left befuddled by the "alien" part of the congratulation.

    The United States celebrated Independence Day on 4 July, marking 245 years since the nation declared its independence from Great Britain.

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