11:48 GMT25 June 2021
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    The shooting reportedly took place at the Southlake Mall in Morrow, Georgia, and multiple ambulances and police cars were spotted at the site of the incident.

    Police dispatched a large contingent to a mall on the outskirts of the city of Atlanta, Georgia, local media reported on Thursday. A SWAT police team was also dispatched to the area.

    Witnesses reported;y called the police after a gunshot was heard at the mall at around 3 pm local time.

    Eyewitnesses shared videos of heavy police presence in the area, as the media reported an active shooter situation.

    According to eyewitness reports, a group of young males was seen at the mall prior to the incident, and individuals had been "pulling out guns," and the clash moved into the parking lot.  At least one male was reported to have been apprehended. One person was reportedly seen being taken by an ambulance.

    All of the mall's stores have reportedly been put under lockdown.

    At the moment, the number of victims or killed as a result of the incident is unclear, and the police are currently investigating the circumstances of the shooting.


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