07:07 GMT14 June 2021
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    The Amazon founder announced in June that he'll officially step down as the company’s CEO next month. Just two weeks after his departure, Bezos is expected to get on Blue Origin's New Shepard spacecraft and fly into space.

    In just over a month, top billionaire Jeff Bezos will hop onboard his Blue Origin rocket with his brother Mark for the first crewed spaceflight. They will fly to the edge of space for 11 minutes for an incredible bird's eye view of our planet. According to comedian Jimmy Fallon, for these few minutes Bezos' space rival Elon Musk will be in ecstasy because he'll briefly overtake him as the richest person on Earth. 

    Bezos’ pending trip could not escape Fallon’s mockery during the latest episode of The Tonight Show. Host Fallon joked that the extravagant billionaire, who owns a 29,000-square-foot estate in Medina, “will be the first person in space to look down and say, ‘I actually can see my house from here.'”

    The comedian also roasted Amazon’s plans to purchase the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studio, which part owns the James Bond film franchise:

    “After the country reopened, most people bought a new bathing suit, maybe some hard seltzer. This guy buys James Bond and a ticket to space,” the TV host quipped, adding that the billionaire deems the trip “perfectly safe” as “he’s being packed by the same people who ship Amazon boxes.”

    Bezos announced this week through his Instagram that he and his brother Mark will take on the “greatest adventure," which he's apparently dreamt of since childhood, on 20 July. They will also be joined by the winner of an online auction who is yet to be announced.

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    The entrepreneur is about to step down as Amazon CEO in 5 July, just several days before the expensive trip. It will be the first manned flight for his aerospace company and mark a rare occasion when a private company sends humans into the unknown. Last year, Musk’s SpaceX became the first private company to be given the green light from NASA for its ships to carry earthlings to the International Space Station.

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