17:42 GMT21 June 2021
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    Supporters of critical race theory (CRT) suggest, in part, that the US is a racist society, with white supremacy and the suppression of non-whites allegedly at the core of American law and societal structure. Although such ideas are seen as controversial, they have entered in some instances into US school curricula.

    The Georgia State Election Board on Thursday voted on a resolution to prevent the teaching of critical race theory-related subjects in schools and what they classify as the promoting of the belief that the United States is a 'racist' country. 

    The decision to oppose social theories that "indoctrinate students in social, or political, ideology or theory, or promote one race or sex above another" was welcomed by state Governor Brian Kemp. He particularly addressed CRT, describing it as a "dangerous, anti-American ideology".

    "I applaud the State Board of Education voting today to prevent Critical Race Theory (CRT) from being taught in our classrooms. This dangerous, anti-American ideology has no place in Georgia schools", Kemp said.

    In the resolution, the State Election Board outlined that it believes that "the United States of America is not a racist country, and that the state of Georgia is not a racist state."

    ​According to Fox News, the resolution was approved with an 11-2 vote.

    The implementation of disputed teachings regarding issues of race and gender has become a hot debate topic not only among lawmakers, but among parents, as well. 

    Earlier in the week, a California father shared with Fox News a story of his son and classmates being assigned an analysis of a Huffington Post op-ed titled "Why I Am a Racist" and how the task made his son "uncomfortable". Additionally, a woman from Rhode Island revealed in June that she could be facing lawsuit after questioning critical race theory and gender studies in her daughter's curriculum after she made over 160 requests from the school to explain the teachings.

    Critical race theory is a movement suggesting that the United States is a country of systemic racism, with supporters particularly positing that oppression of non-whites is maintained though the country's law, societal structure and cultural assumptions. Critics of the movement argue that it relies more on anecdotal evidence and storytelling as opposed to reason.


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