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    The mayor was caught red-handed during an FBI sting operation in 1990, but was acquitted on most charges by the jury. He, however, later denied ever taking drugs and accused authorities of setting him up.

    The son of the US president, Hunter Biden, once boasted about having smoked crack cocaine with late Washington DC Mayor Marion Barry, The Daily Mail reported, citing a recording obtained from the notorious "laptop from hell" – a computer left in Delaware repair shop and presumed to have belonged to the POTUS' son.

    In the recording, a man, whose voice strongly resembles that of Hunter Biden, is heard talking to another person on the phone or via another mean of communication and mentioning an episode of sharing the pipe with the late mayor, whose political career nearly ended over drug-related charges.

    "That Marion Barry. You know what? I actually smoked crack with Marion Barry. I swear to f*king God," a person believed to be Hunter Biden is heard saying.

    The voice allegedly belonging to Biden goes on to delve into the details, claiming he was a "sophomore", when the purported events happened and claiming that Barry used to be a frequent guest at The Guards, a now-defunct bar near the Georgetown University campus. The man claims that the late DC mayor used to drink there and seemingly tried to hint that he did drugs in the bathroom there.

    Photo of Hunter Biden relaxing in a bathtub, reportedly taken from a computer dropped off at a Delaware computer repair shop.
    © Photo : Image originally published by the New York Post
    Photo of Hunter Biden relaxing in a bathtub, reportedly taken from a computer dropped off at a Delaware computer repair shop.

    Hunter Biden indeed studied at DC's Georgetown University, graduating in 1992. He also publicly admitted to being addicted to alcohol and drugs with the latter addiction spiralling out of control after his brother Beau died in 2016 of brain cancer. Biden's drug addiction led to his expulsion from the military and reportedly nearly resulted in trouble with the law. He claims to have since taken control of his addiction.

    Marion Barry's political career, in turn, took a major hit in 1990 after he was arrested in the course of a sting operation organised by the FBI and DC police. The then-Mayor of the city was caught with his ex-girlfriend, FBI informant Diane "Rasheeda" Moore presumably smoking crack cocaine – a drug also favoured by Hunter Biden in the past.

    Barry denied any wrongdoing and claimed that Moore had set him up. Despite facing over 10 counts of drug-related charges, only one possession incident stood up in court. The jury ended up being deadlocked on the rest with nearly half of them suspecting foul play by the authorities and apparently believing that the politician was set up. While Barry decided not to run for re-election for the next term, he returned to mayor's office in 1994 after serving a six-month prison term.


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