06:55 GMT14 June 2021
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    Pointing at the criticism of Harper Lee’s work, Carlson complained about “stupid people” who tell others “what you’re allowed to say and read.”

    Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently slammed the Loudoun County school board in Virginia over its stance on literature assigned to students.

    Carlson pointed at a middle school teacher named Andrea Weiskopf, who spoke at the aforementioned country school board meeting this week, saying she has "no business discussing any books" if she isn't "able to consider the racial trauma" which "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee allegedly causes black children “with its white saviourism."

    "You’ve heard a lot of lectures like this recently. From people like Andrea Weiskopf. Stupid people telling you what you’re allowed to say and read," Carlson complained. "That’s essentially 2021 summed up in a single sentence. The scary thing is, they’re telling your kids the same thing. All day, every day, in school."

    While Weiskopf didn't call for the book’s withdrawal from the district's schools, she did previously describe its reading in the classroom as "curricular violence" and suggested that it "should not be a central text in the classroom" rather than banned, the Daily Mail notes.

    Carlson also directed his criticism at some of the books "your kids are being assigned in school," citing parents who read excerpts from such works of literature at the Loudoun County school board meeting. The Fox host claimed that they're "excerpts from anti-racist books officially approved by Loudoun County teachers." 

    "Jasper wasn’t even my boyfriend. Just some dude I did some hacking with once in a while. He was pretty basic library-systems, low security s---. Not in my league at all but he had a big d--- and sometimes a girl just needs a big d---," one mother read.

    "How much did the billion dollar porn industry contribute to LCPS?" one parent inquired. "My question now is if you’re going to use the whole language approach to coincide with this vile reading?  Are you going to teach pole dancing in PE?"
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