09:05 GMT18 April 2021
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    Republican congressman Matt Gaetz is implicated in a sex scandal after recent reports that US Department of Justice had launched an investigation on him over sex trafficking an underage girl. Later reports also allege that he participated in a sex competition, and shared photos and videos of nude women with other lawmakers.

    "The View" co-host Meghan McCain on Monday suggested that Florida Representative Matt Gaetz, 38, resign as his sex scandal gathers pace, saying that "there have always been weird rumors” about the GOP congressman.

    "I'm not surprised by this. I'm actually not ... I will say, he should certainly resign. The same way I think [New York Governor Andrew] Cuomo should resign," she said during the popular show.

    McCain also recalled Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell, a member of the Intelligence Committee, who, according to her, "should be removed" from the committee as he was accused of having ties to an alleged Chinese spy.

    Referring to reports of Gaetz, who is reportedly engaged to be married, showing photos of naked women with whom he claimed to have had sex with, McCain said it is “violation of all women no matter the context” and “particularly disgusting.”

    "The most likely scenario is that Matt Gaetz slept with a 17-year-old and sex trafficked her and he's probably gonna go to jail […] There's also this really weird group of people who always hung out at Mar-a-Lago in the Trump years and clearly Matt Gaetz and his teenage girlfriends were allegedly those people as well," she said.

    Gaetz is also reportedly involved in a sex competition game that allegedly targeted different female Capitol lawmakers and workers. Gaetz purportedly showed colleagues pictures and videos of nude women he claimed to have sex with, according to several recent media reports.

    Gaetz has denied the accusations, and has claimed that he is a victim of “organized criminal extortion.”


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