15:15 GMT15 April 2021
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    Donald Trump had made a guest appearance at a wedding reception at his Mar-a-Lago resort, where he availed himself of the opportunity to take a dig at the perceived failings of his successor, Democratic President Joe Biden's administration.

    A tuxedo-clad Donald Trump hijacked the limelight at a wedding reception being held at his Mar-a-Lago country club, evoking memories of his campaign-trail rallies.

    As the ex-POTUS took to the dance floor to toast the newly married couple, John Arrigo, vice president of the Arrigo Auto Group in West Palm Beach, and Megan Noderer on Saturday, he seemed to get carried away, as seen in a video obtained by TMZ.

    Trump went off on a rant spanning over two-and-a-half minutes detailing his successor Joe Biden's shortcomings on foreign policy, China, Iran and the border situation with Mexico.

    ​"I get all these splash reports, and they're telling me about the border, they're telling me about China, they're telling me about Iran… We were ready to make a deal, they were ready to do anything, they would have done anything. And this guy [Biden] goes and drops the sanctions and then he says we'd like to negotiate now," said Trump.

    The former president also weighed in on the crisis situation currently unfolding at the US-Mexico border, saying that “the border's not good…It's the worst that it has ever been ...”.

    “It's a disaster. It's a humanitarian disaster from their standpoint and it's going to destroy the country. And frankly, the country can't afford it,” continued Donald Trump.

    The 45th US President also reiterated his claim of election fraud in 2020, saying a 'strange thing' happened last November.

    “They said get 66 million votes, sir, and the election is over. I got 75 million votes, and you saw what happened”.

    Trump then quipped: "Do you miss me yet?" The quip was met with generous applause from those gathered.

    Towards the end of his speech, Trump made mention of the Arrigos, saying, "you are a great and beautiful couple."

    John Arrigo and his brother, Jim Arrigo, are longtime associates of Trump and members of Mar-A-Lago and Trump International Golf Club, according to BuzzFeed, and were among several top campaign donors in 2017.

    Footage of the former president seemingly crashing the wedding at Mar-a-Lago quickly went viral. Some wondered on social media whether the Trump experience came as part of the package.

    ​Other netizens pointed out that it was obvious Trump had not crashed the reception, and ‘appeared to know the people’.


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