20:19 GMT17 April 2021
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    The former US president, Donald Trump, has repeatedly denounced the relaxed border policy conducted by the Biden administration, as the number of illegal immigrants trying to cross the southern US border has significantly increased. In his latest statement, the former POTUS urged the White House to restart construction on the US-Mexico wall.

    The ex-US president in a Saturday interview with Fox News remarked that he may visit the Mexico-US border in coming weeks, suggesting that “a lot of people want him to”.

    “Thousands and thousands people are coming up right now as we speak and you are going to have millions of people, pouring into our country. And it is going to destroy our country. I don’t know what they are doing and they don’t know what they are doing. It’s very, very dangerous situation. I would love not be involved, somebody else is supposed to be doing it,” Trump stated.

    The former GOP president said that the construction of the wall to transit the 2000-mile border should be restarted, as it was “just few weeks away from being completed.” He added that the current administration has the “Remain in Mexico” policy to be reinserted, as drug traffickers and other criminals enter or pass the border with migrants, he said.

    “Over the next couple of weeks,” he said, answering a question about when the nation could expect his visit to the southern US border, adding that it was his belief that “the border patrol wants me to go.”

    When asked whether he would visit portions of the wall before the incumbent president and the vice-president, as they “have no public plans to visit the border,” Trump stated that he is not looking “to have a race” but to get a “problem solved.”

    In a statement issued this month, Trump blamed Biden for the immigration surge at the border, claiming that his administration was responsible for “the most secure border in history” and calling to “immediately complete the wall.”

    During recent months, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) members have reported a significant increase of migrant arrivals trying to illegally pass the American southern border, after the White House abolished a number of Trump-era immigration restrictions. Temporary detention facilities are overwhelmed by migrants, who continue to try to cross the border.

    The White House has been criticized for the difficult situation at the border with some lawmakers urging Biden to visit the wall and calling for an investigation into whether the president violated federal law by freezing funds that Trump had previously allocated from the US defense budget to complete the wall’s construction.

    The construction of a 2000-mile US-Mexico border wall, one of the Trump’s high-profile campaign promises that lasted into his presidency, was suspended shortly after Biden took the office. The new administration showed a much more softer approach toward illegal migrants, stopping the Migrant Protection Protocol (MPP) implemented by Trump to make migrants to await asylum in Mexico while their cases were under consideration. 


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