21:44 GMT17 April 2021
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    John Boehner and Ted Cruz have had their share of standoffs, with the former House Speaker memorably calling the Texas Senator a “jack**s” after he “instigated” a government shutdown in 2013 in a botched attempt to get rid of Obamacare, President Barack Obama’s landmark health-care law.

    Former House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) recently took an expletive-laden swipe at Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) during the recording of his audio narration for an upcoming memoir, Axios reported Thursday evening.

    ​The retired Republican’s book, titled “On The House: A Washington Memoir," is to be released on 13 April, published by St. Martin’s Press.

    A press release touts the volume as “filled with fascinating anecdotes from a colourful career” and a “reminder of the time when the adults were firmly in charge of Washington”.

    However, during the audiobook recording, Boehner, who resigned from Congress in 2015, veered off script on a number of occasions, say sources cited by Axios.

    At one point the Ohio Republican exclaimed:

    "Oh, and Ted Cruz, go f--- yourself."

    No specific context of Boehner's remarks was offered.

    However, Boehner, who represented Ohio’s 8th congressional district for almost 25 years, recently tweeted that he had been reading his book for the recording with "a glass of something nice" in-hand. The tweet, posted on 25 February, suggested that the off script reported diatribes could be blamed on his beverage of choice.

    ​There has not been any comment from Ted Cruz's office.

    Responding to the tweet, netizens applauded Boehner’s “retirement goals”.

    ​ Other Twitter users wished Boehner was “still in the House”.

    ​Some netizens seemed to share John Boehner’s opinion of the Texas Senator.

    ​Boehner’s previous colorful epithets targeting Ted Cruz made headlines in April 2016 when he referred to the Republican presidential candidate as "Lucifer in the flesh" and a "miserable son of a b***h" in an interview at Stanford University.

    Earlier, after freshman senator Ted Cruz met with House members of the conservative Freedom Caucus in 2013 to prompt them to fight to defund ObamaCare – something that led to a government shutdown – media reports suggested Boehner slammed Cruz as a “jack**s” over the issue.

    John Boehner’s book is ostensibly to offer a glimpse into “battles won and lost”, and interactions with Presidents ranging from Gerald Ford to Donald Trump.

    “I’ve never really been interested in doing your typical political memoir kind of book. This is going to be a book people might want to actually read, no matter where they’re coming from politically, or where they’re coming from in life,” said Boehner in the press release.


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